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Our Services


Plant Design Services


Comprehensive engineering related services for planning, permitting, design, and project management.



Project Management Services

We offer highly experienced project managers who can and will work with you at the plant site, providing a complete range of these services (from cost tracking and construction supervision to machinery design oversight) tailored to your specific need – be it a  machinery maintenance or operational problem to a major large rebuild.


Engineering and Design Related Services

We offer detailed layouts for electrical, mechanical, and structural components of a project, as well as a competitive bid process for proposed machinery, machinery selection, design and installation.  All drawings are generated in AutoCAD TM, in whatever release the client may require.  Based on the project complexity, we can also provide detailed project scheduling (MS Project) to develop, track and maintain the project’s required timeline.


Consulting Services

 Services include:


-          Assisting in the determination of business goals and objectives.


-          Assessment of project sites.


-          Analysis of fiber resources.


-          Capital cost estimating with return on investment analysis.


-          Machine center efficiency studies.


-          Feasibility studies.


-          Mill flow analysis.



Our Rates



Doug Tinsley/Owner


Special Projects Manager


Professional Engineer


Engineering / Projects Manager


Senior Project Manager


Project Manager


Senior Construction Manager


Construction Manager


Project Coordinator


Drafting Coordinator




Draftsperson II


Draftsperson I


Administrative Support






$ 125.00


$ 105.00


$ 105.00


$ 90.00


$ 85.00


$ 75.00


$ 85.00


$ 75.00


$ 45.00


$ 45.00


$ 45.00


$ 45.00


$ 35.00


$ 30.00


AT Cost

 *Travel time 50% of hourly rate


**Other category includes all expenses - lodging, meals, vehicle rental, airline tickets, special

postage, etc. required during the course of a project. Mileage to and from the mill site is billed at

the prevailing IRS established rate.


Billing Schedule – Projects are billed on the first day of each month, with appropriate supporting

documentation. Payment terms are net 15 days from date of invoice.